Sec – 16 A, Faridabad, Haryana, 121002

Sports Corner

6th to 8th Sep 2019:Sports Achievements : Archery

Mumbai Mayor Cup, National Field Indoor Archery Championship was conducted in Mumbai by Field Archery Association of India. Following students participated and brought laurels to the school :-

  • Under 14 team – Gold Medal achieved by Pushkar Sharma (VIII B)
  • Under 17 team – Silver medal achieved by Harshit Lohia (VI A)
  • Under 10 – Participation certificate achieved by Sourvi Singh (III C)

13th  Dec 2019:Pitthu, Tug of War

Conducted by Ms. Usha

‘Pitthu’ or ‘Palli Patti’ the regional game of Telangana was introduced to the students. Students were informed about the rules and how to play the game. Students were made to play the game in the school playground. They enjoyed playing it.
The regional game of Haryana ‘ Rassa-Kasse’ (Tug-of-war) was also conducted between the students of class VIII B. students enthusiastically participated in it.

12th  Dec 2019:Fitness / Sports Quiz

Conducted by Mr. Divesh

‘Sports Quiz’ was conducted in the school. The questions were displayed on the digital board of each class room. Questions were framed according to the level of students. Students actively participated in the Quiz competition. Students achieving the highest scores were appreciated in the school assembly.

11th  Dec 2019:Rope skipping competition

Conducted by Mr. Raj Kumar

Rope skipping activity was conducted in the school. Students enthusiastically participated in it. Essay writing competition on topic “Fit India school” was also conducted in the school.

6th  Dec 2019: Poster making

Conducted by Mr. Divesh Khanna

Poster making competition was organized in school premises on topic ‘Fit Body – Fit Mind- Fit Environment’ to make students aware about being healthy, keeping mind healthy and keeping the surroundings healthy.

5th  Dec 2019: Free hand exercise, Debate

Conducted by Ms. Usha

Mass PT exercise was conducted during morning assembly.
Debate was conducted on topic “Health is Wealth”. Students enthusiastically participated in it.

4th  Dec 2019: Yoga and nutrition

Conducted by Mr. Raj Kumar

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” with this in aim, St. Peter’s School organized Yoga practice of asana like   Tadasana , pranayama: kapalbhati, brahmari, Anulom Vilom etc. Students were given Fruit/salad break to inculcate good eating habit among them.