21st JUNE  2021                                                                                                       MONDAY

ST. Peter School sector 16 A celebrated the International yoga day on 21st June. Yoga session was started by introducing the benefits and importance of yoga in our daily life by Mr. Divesh  then it was followed by yoga asana and some breathing exercises which was performed by Ms. Usha .All the students and teachers participated enthusiastically in that session. It was a fruitful session for all the students. During the event Principal Sr. Nirmal Mary, Manager Sr. Tessy Rose, Vice Principal Mrs. Rema Sudhakaran and Mr Rajkumar were present. It was a rejuvenating session for all.

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Quiz Club Inauguration


Venue :Teams


On 28th April, 2021 our school held an inauguration of quiz club. This club motivates to seek knowledge, to widen their horizon and be confident enough to take on greater challenges in the quiz .The programme started with the prayer. We welcomed our Sister Principal, Mother and our Vice Principal by presenting flowers. Our Vice Principal Ms. Rema Sudhakaran encouraged us with her inspirational words. No of students who attended 19

Art club

Date: 28th April, 2021.                                                     Wednesday

Today on 28th April,2021 was the inauguration ceremony of our Art club. Today’s special guest were Mrs. Rema Sudhakaran and Mrs. Vanesa in presence of Club Co-ordinator Renuka Singh & Alisha nath. There was ribbon cutting ceremony on the online platform.  We all were guided through the program by Khanak . The program went smoothly without any disturbance. A token of love was presented by Tushar Chopra to our guests. The Audience were addressed by Mrs. Rema,  President and Vice President. The participants discussed there experiences and expectations. After everything was done the program was ended by a vote of thanks by Purvi.  

We look forward  to more such meetings to learn new things.

Garima Saini                                      Arpit Saji

President Art Club.                            Vice-President

Inauguration Of Dance Club

DATE:- 28-4-21

TIMING:- 12:30PM TO 1:00PM

VENUE:- MS TEAM(Dance club channel)    

NO. OF PARTICIPANTS:- 64/153                          




“Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.”

Dance club has been formed to polish dance skills of our students. Today we have celebrated the inauguration of our dance club. Inauguration began with welcome note from Sara of class-8th.Prayer and prayer song done by sawarni of class-4th.We dance to please God, One beautiful prayer dance done by kumud of  class-4th.We dance to express not to impress. With this note on her mind Enakshi of class 8th recited a very deep thoughtful poem on dance.India is known all over the world for our cultural dances so, three students(kabir, Bipash and Simran) of our st.peter’s family decide to show colours of state.Our president of dance club thank all the guest and show gratitude with vote of thanks.At the last our respected vice principal Mrs Rama sudhakaran encourage all the students and congratulate students for successful inauguration ceremony.

Thanks and regards

Pinki Mehta

Dance club incharge

Online: Parent Teacher Meeting

1st June, 2020 : Parent Teacher Meeting is an important aspect of teaching learning Process. It’s a time when both parents and teacher can come together and discuss about their children and work together for their holistic development. PTM becomes even more important when our students who for the first time are learning through on-line classes. With this in aim the school organised a Parent Teachers Meeting – online on 1st June 2020. Parents actively participated in the session. Parents discussed about their child’s performance during their on-line class so that gap which is created by on-line teaching can be bridged. Parents feedback were appreciated.

Nukkad Natak @ Surajkund

7th February 202 : 15 Students of class VIII, IX and X presented a nukkad natak at Surajkund Fair 2020 on Cleanliness and Drug Free society. Through their nukkad natak students presented the importance of cleanliness and drug free society.

Dance performance at surajkund

13th February , 2020: Students of St. Peter’s school presented folk dance at Surajkund. The performing students received cash award of Rs. 3100 and certificate for their best performance.

21st Century Teachers : Workshop for Teachers

14th January 2020 : A workshop on ‘Skills  needed to be 21st Century Teacher’ and ‘Ways to develop life skills among students’  for the teaching staff of St. Peter’s School was conducted by Mrs. Indu Vasudeva and Mrs. Vanessa D’sylva  . This workshop provided teachers with an overview of how to teach students in this WEB DRIVEN WORLD. This session outlined the role teachers  can play,  to help students understand the educational and ethical impact of their time being spent online.

This workshop also refreshed  the teachers with the methods that can be used to develop life skills among students ,  which will help them to cope with the stressful situations around them and live a purposeful life.

Orientation programme for Parents

14th December 2019: ‘Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic  parents’ so, in in order to provide a conducive environment at home too an orientation programme was conducted for the parents by the respective class teachers. The aim of the programme was to provide guidance to the parents so that they can bring up their child as morally upright citizens. The programme highlighted the need of 21st century children , and guided parents not to stop them but guide them along with teachers in this process of learning. Parents appreciated the step taken by the school in raising up their children in an effective way.


8th February 2020: As the year draws to a close to its academic session, the school bids farewell to its class X students. Class IX students along with School Management and teachers organized a farewell party – ‘Nostalgia’ on 8th February 2020. Class IX students sang songs and presented dance to make the day memorable.  Dance performance by  Mrs. Kavita Lonkar, Mrs. Seema Sharma and Mrs.  Ritu Batra was cherished the most. The honoring of titles through certificates for Good Penmanship,  Good Samaritan, Best Sports Player, Full Attendance, Best Drawing Artist added zeal to the atmosphere. Swati Kandwal of X – B was entitled as ‘Ms. Peter’ and Harshit Madaan of X – C was entitled as ‘Mr. Peter’.