Sec – 16 A, Faridabad, Haryana, 122002

About St. Peter

St. Peter was born at Bethsaida on the shore of the sea Galilee. He settled down at Capernaum, earned his living by fishing until Jesus called him to “become a fisher of men”. His name was Simon, but our Lord, on first meeting him that he should be Kephas, the Aramaic equivalent of the Greek Word whose English Form is Peter (i.e. rock). He is Premier among the twelve disciples, a man of great holiness and meekness. It was he who, as the spokesman of the rest made sublime profession of faith, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God”. God filled him with true wisdom and knowledge. He preached the first public sermon at Pentecost. There are two books in the Holy Bible to his credit. He urges his readers to live as people belong to God. He says that “God doesn’t want anyone to be destroyed, but wants all to turn from their sins”. The passion of St.Peter took place in Rome during the reign of Nero. When he came to the cross he said, “I am not worthy to be put on cross like as my Lord was, therefore turn my cross and crucify me my head downward”. St.Peter is a true model for all students seeking moral and intellectual attainments. May all the Peterians be rock-like as St.Peter was, in their convictions based on noble virtues, refined character and faith in Divine Power.

  • In Acres: 1.27 Acres
  • In sq.mts: 5139.507628 sq.mt
  • Built up Area: (sq.mtrs): 26406 sq.mt
  • Area of playground in sq.mtrs: 2000sq.mt


  • To inculcate values in students so that we will have socially, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and morally upright citizens.
  • To provide them with a conductive environment to infuse a sense of responsibility, self discipline and integrity.
  • To promote creative thinking of the students so that they may excel in society and become capable to face challenges in life.
  • To love mother earth and to have an awakening of a new conscience for sustaining the integrity of humanity and creation.


A centre of excellence exploring new frontiers in the realm of education for nation building.

S.No Member Name Father/Spouse Designation Phone Off.
1 Vincy Maria N/A Others1 01294273333
2 Mr. Tojy K. Joseph N/A Others1 09910108779
3 Mr. Emmanuel N/A Others1 09810407857
4 Sr. Pushpa N/A Others1 09650634278
5 Mr.Bhagat Singh N/A Others1 09953398100
6 Ms. Ritu Batra N/A Others1 01294273333
7 Ms. Thresiamma Binson N/A Others1 01294273333
8 Ms. Khadambri Jha N/A Others1 01292272727
9 Ms.Meena Thukral N/A Others1 01292267977
S.No Date Days Holiday
1 14.04.2016 Thursday Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedakar Jayanti
2 15.04.2016 Friday Ram Navmi
3 20.04.2016 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti
4 20.05.2016 To 02.07.2016 44 Summer Vacation
5 06.07.2016 Wednesday Id – Ul Fitar
6 15.08.2016 Monday Independance Day
7 18.08.2016 Thursday Raksha Bandhan
8 25.08.2016 Thursday Janmashtami
9 12.09.2016 Monday Bakrid
10 02.10.2016 Sunday Gandhi Jayanti
11 09.10.2016 To 12.10.2016 4 Dussehera
12 19.10.2016 Wednesday Karva Chauth (Half Day)
13 28.10.2016 To 01.11.2016 5 Diwali Holidays
14 14.11.2016 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti
15 13.12.2016 Tuesday Id-ul-Milad
16 23.12.2016 Friday Christmas Holidays
17 01.01.2017 To 10.01.2017 10 Winter Break
18 26.01.2017 Thursday Republic Day
19 24.02.2017 Friday Maha Shivratri
Particulars L.K.G – U.K.G I – IV V – VII VIII – X
Tuition Fee 4125 4275 4800 5550
Computer Fee 0 300 300 375
Annual Fee 450 450 525 0
Multimedia Charges/other lab 225 300 300 450
Transport Fee 2500 2500 2500 2500
Smart Fees 450 450 450 450
Total 7750 8275 8875 9325