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Student’s Picnic
Student’s Picnic
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Date: November 5, 7 & 10, 2022
Time: 7:00 am 6:00 pm
Venue: Suraj garh, Rangmanch & Apnogarh
The most awaited day of the year is the school picnic. The very purpose of school picnic is to provide great opportunity for students to cherish wonderful experience and a range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal development. Hence, it is important that students must participate in the picnics as it provides a holistic education.
The school had organised picnic for classes I to X. Private Deluxe buses, fully packed with students and teachers headed for Surajgarh, Rangmanch and Apnogarh. The students were extremely excited to reach the destination. All the students kept singing songs in the bus till they reached the venue.
Students were welcomed by the people by applying “Tilak” on their foreheads. After entering the gate everybody was served with Breakfast having north Indian and south Indian cuisine. After breakfast students were taken to the activity area where also arrangements of Lemon juice, Jalgeera and Buttermilk was available for the students and teachers. Students enjoyed all the activities and learnt about the Rajasthani and Haryanvi culture. At 12:00 pm there was arrangement of snacks for the students and the teachers. There was, also arrangement of DJ for the students. All students danced on the floor with great energy on the thumbing dance numbers. Even the teachers could not resist the temptation of the dance. Students enjoyed camel, tractor and horse ride and felt top of the world. At 1:40 pm students & teachers were served
The lunch which contained Rajasthani and Haryanvi flavoured food was relished by everyone. Again, after lunch students enjoyed dance moves at mesmerizing songs. At 4:30 pm everybody was served with some snacks and soon after having it, students and teachers set out for their return. All the memorable movements were captured in their mobile by the teachers and shared with the students and parents in their class whatsapp group.

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