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Spiritual Class-for Teachers
Spiritual Class-for Teachers
July 07, 2018Eloitevents, newsOne Comment

Retreat for teachers

A retreat for teachers was held on 7th July, 2018. It was a unique way to enrich the mindset of teachers with graceful words of Rev. Fr. Cyriac, Vicar General of Faridabad-Delhi Diocese. The retreat began with a short invocation to the Almighty. Rev Fr Cyriac led the teachers to a short journey of self-actualization and mindfulness techniques. It was reiterated that teachers should appreciate small things in their colleagues as well as the students in order to strengthen the bond of learning. Family bonding and integrity play a large role in the mental makeup of any individual. Members of the teaching fraternity of St. Peter’s Convent School, Sector 88, Fbd and St. Peter’s School, Sector 16A attended the retreat. Manager, Sr Anupa Maria, Principals of both schools, Sr. Nancy and Sr. Nirmal Mary and Vice Principal Sr. Sharon graced the event. Prayer songs filled the minds of the participants with joy and grace. The retreat ended with words of gratitude.

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