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Good Samaritan Group September ACT 2022
Good Samaritan Group September ACT 2022
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School is a temple of learning, where a student study not only from books but the lesson of life is taught outside the books. For this noble thought the Samaritan Club always thinks innovatively to imbibe the virtue of empathy for the needy, so that the world will become a better place.
September was entitled as “Cloth Donation Drive”. Keeping the festive season in the air, the Samaritan club members and teachers in charges Mrs. Sarita Sharma and Mrs.Shiney Abeyin collaboration with KIND BEINGS initiated the cloth donation drive. The cloth donation drive was specially designed for the labour class men and small kids. The club members drafted a notice and was circulated among the class group asking for the donation. Peterians responded very generously and within a short span of time we received a good and quality collection of clothes for the labour class men and small kids. The clothes were nicely packed and were loaded in the school bus and were handed over to the KIND BEINGS. Further the members distributed the clothes to the needy respectively. 
This act of kindness taught our students to be happy in what they have and not to feel sad for what they desire for as there are many people in the world who are still struggling for their basic needs.

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